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The association's website is intended to serve as a home for clinical criminologists as well as other types of criminologists and anyone who is interested or engaged in this important field in Israel and around the world. This site is a professional platform that includes field-related updates, conference information, professional literature, and access to membership payments. We invite you to join us as partners and take advantage of this space for fruitful, active participation.



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Clinical Criminology

About the Profession

Clinical Criminology is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health as a health profession. In recent years, Clinical Criminology has established its status through the Association of Clinical Criminologists in Israel as a therapeutic profession alongside Clinical Psychology and Clinical Social Work.

Where do clinical criminologists work?

Clinical criminologists work in psychiatric hospitals in legal and other departments, prisons, mental health clinics, and in many specialized treatment programs in areas such as addiction, at-risk youth, sexually abused and injured adults and youth, and prison rehabilitation as prison diagnostic officers. Clinical criminologists also work in private clinics as well as a variety of other workplaces.


The Curriculum

Master's degree programs in Clinical Criminology are currently offered at Bar Ilan University, Ariel University, and the Ashkelon Academic College. The master's degree includes academic training toward specialization as a clinical criminologist and professional integration in the fields of mental health, and law enforcement. The programs are designed to provide an infrastructure of basic knowledge in the areas of diagnosis and clinical examination, psychopathology, key approaches in psychotherapy, criminological and forensic issues, and methodology and unique topics, while merging psychiatric medical approaches, psychological approaches and other relevant pharmacological, social work, special education and behavioral sciences. In addition to this, there are a number of certificate programs in the field of profiling, treatment of sex offenders, the 12-step program, and focused psychotherapy studies.

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